NORTH Korea has begun rebuilding a long range rocket launch site in the wake of the failure of crunch nuclear talks with Donald Trump, new satellite images show.

The pictures reveal work is underway at the Sohae facility, which the regime promised to dismantle during the first summit between Kim Jong-un and the US president last year.

Satellite images show work is underway restoring the Sohae siteReutersNorth Korea has been conducting what it claims are satellite launches at the site which experts say are actually missile testsAP:Associated Press

Reuters Talks between US President Trump and Kim Jong-un broke down in Hanoi, Vietnam[/caption]

Confirmation rebuilding is underway was also given by South Korea’s intelligence services and the specialist website 38 North.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies concluded North Korea is “pursuing a rapid rebuilding” of the site.

Donald Trump marched out of the second summit in Hanoi last week after he said Kim refused to dismantle North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear complex and wanted the sanctions imposed on his crackpot regime lifted.

North Korea has carried out satellite launches at the Sohae site in recent years, resulting in UN sanctions over expert claims that they were disguised tests of banned missile technology.

Trump insisted he “had to walk” from his summit with Kim Jong-un after the pair failed to agree a nuke deal prompting the cancellation of planned lunch.

The leaders scrapped a planned signing ceremony as their second day of crunch talks ended without an agreement on how to denuclearise the Korean peninsula.

Reuters The US President said he ‘had to walk away’ from his talks with the North Korean leader after Kim asked for sanctions to be lifted[/caption]

At a press conference, the US President said the despot refused to dismantle North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear complex and wanted the sanctions imposed on his crackpot regime lifted.

While insisting the two leaders had spent some “productive time” together, Trump said: “Sometimes you have to walk.”

The US President continued: “They wanted the sanctions lifted. And we were unwilling to do that.

“We will end being very good friends with chairman Kim and North Korea. They have amazing potential.

“He has a certain vision. It’s not exactly our vision. But it’s a lot closer than we were a year ago.”

Trump said that the North Korea leader wants to “denuke a portion” of his country – which was another point of contention for the US administration.

They wanted the sanctions lifted. And we were unwilling to do that

US President Donald Trump

He added that Kim promised that he would not resume testing of ballistic missiles despite the talks breaking down.

On his relationship with murderous dictator Kim, Trump said: “We spent pretty much all day with Kim Jong-un.

“He is quite a guy, quite a character. I think our relationship is strong.”

He later added: “We like each other, (we have a) good relationship.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo added: “We made real progress. We didn’t get all the way.

“We didn’t agree on something which would make sense for the United States of America.”

Trump and Kim departed the hotel where they’ve been holding summit negotiations far earlier than planned Thursday.

A joint agreement signing ceremony was scrapped.

AP:Associated Press US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wipes his forehead as Trump talks to reporters in Hanoi[/caption]

AFP Kim Jong-un is driven away after his crunch talks with US President Trump collapsed today[/caption]

AFP or licensors Trump’s motorcade leaves his meeting with Kim Jong-un in Hanoi much earlier than planned[/caption]

EPA Chairman Kim’s car also leaves the meeting flanked by bodyguards[/caption]

EPA Kim Jong-un and President Trump were all smiles at the beginning of the second day of talks in Hanoi[/caption]

It comes after President Trump insisted there was “no rush” on forging a lasting agreement – adding: “We just want to do the right deal”.

They were joined by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korean official Kim Yong Chol.

The chumminess between Chairman Kim and Trump marks a stark contrast to a year ago – when the US President threatened to rain “fire and fury” in Pyongyang over its nuke tests.

Mr Trump said on Thursday: “The relationship is just very strong and when you have a good relationship a lot of good things happen.”

He added that “a lot of great ideas were being thrown about” at their lavish dinner the previous night – but did not offer specifics.


Cheerful Kim, speaking through a translator, added: “I believe by intuition that good results will be produced.”

The 35-year-old reclusive leader said: “I believe that starting from yesterday, the whole world is looking at this spot right now.

“I’m sure that all of them will be watching the moment that we are sitting together side by side as if they are watching a fantasy movie.”

Possible outcomes could include a peace declaration for the Korean War that the North could use to eventually push for the reduction of US troops in South Korea.

The North also desperately wants sanctions relief that could allow Pyongyang to pursue lucrative economic projects with the South.


But sceptics say such agreements would likely leave in place a significant portion of North Korea’s nuclear-tipped missiles – while robbing the United States of its negotiating leverage.

Asked if this summit would yield a political declaration to end the Korean War, Trump told reporters on Wednesday: “We’ll see.”

The President’s schedule Thursday promised a “joint agreement signing ceremony” after the meeting.

The leaders’ first face-to-face in June was heavy with historic pageantry but light on any enforceable agreements for North Korea to give up its nuclear arsenal.

But the latest meeting comes against a backdrop of tumult and investigations at home for President Trump.

Hours before he sat down again with Kim, Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen delivered explosive congressional testimony claiming the president is a “conman” who lied about his business interests with Russia.


Trump last night tweeted that Cohen “did bad things unrelated to Trump” and “is lying in order to reduce his prison time.”

Cohen has been sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress.

After their first summit, where Trump and Kim signed a joint statement agreeing to work toward a denuclearized Korean Peninsula, the president prematurely declared victory.

He tweeted that “There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea” – but this has still not been proven.

North Korea has spent decades building its nuclear program – and there are doubts that it will give away that program without getting something substantial in return.

The Korean conflict ended in 1953 with an armistice – essentially a cease-fire signed by North Korea, China and the 17-nation, U.S.-led United Nations Command.

AP:Associated Press Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump appeared relaxed in each other’s company[/caption]

AFP or licensors The leaders are working to find a solution to rid North Korea of its nukes[/caption]

AFP or licensors Trump and Kim have become unlikely pals during the talks[/caption]

AFP or licensors Trump and Kim met with senior officials from their governments before beginning the latest round of talks on Thursday[/caption]

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