The winter cold has begun. As there is a company that specializes in the management of facilities in apartments and large rental housing, there is no need to pay much attention. Small to medium-sized rental housing is generally managed by a rental business (builder). This section introduces the method of winter facility management for rental houses that are directly managed by rental businesses.

Let's find out about wintertime preparation. First of all, you should pay attention to prevention of winter fires. The use of heating equipment increases the risk of fire in winter, and the issue of whether or not to use proper heating equipment for rental houses. Households with increasing electricity use need to pay close attention.

Fire extinguishers for initial fire suppression should be placed in the loadspace. To prevent a disaster caused by a large fire, the initial suppression of the fire is paramount. It is also important to prevent fire caused by short circuits. Electrical wiring 토토사이트
 in the public area (shares) that can be visually checked should be checked to ensure that there is no stripping or complicated wiring.

Next, we should prevent the usual winter wave. Housewives usually occur in water pipes, water meters, and boilers. The temperature of the exposed water pipes and water gauges should be checked and the boiler's copper protection function should be checked. Water meter vessels will be kept warm by default, but they should be reinforced with a thick cloth or heating material.

In case of prolonged cold spell, it is necessary to turn on a tap in an empty house. Even though it is not empty, the faucet on the outside (mainly kitchen sink, balcony) should be turned on a little before going to bed to keep the water flowing to the rental house. Sometimes water pipes are exposed to outside of houses, but heating materials are attached well, and heat wires should be installed to ensure normal operation. The conditions of water pipes inside the Pilotis ceiling should also be checked at Pilotis houses, which have the first floor opened for parking purposes.

Power usage surge ... Check the short circuit, etc.

The next step is to prepare for preventing settlement. The highest frequency of problems in winter homes will be the consequence. There are many causes of condensation, but the most important part is insulation.

Before that, you should check the lifestyle of rental houses and see how regularly they ventilate. Even a well-insulated house can cause condensation if the inside humidity increases without ventilation. The optimal indoor humidity in winter is 40 to 50 percent. The disease management headquarters of the Ministry of Health and Welfare suggested that the temperature and humidity in winter should be 18 to 20 degrees and 40 percent respectively. If condensation occurs continuously, it will become moldy, which is very bad for your health, so make sure that it doesn't happen fundamentally. If condensation occurs due to insulation problems (fault construction, inadequate insulation, and use of window protection) during this winter, repair and repair work must be carried out before next winter. A well-insulated house is worth more.

If condensation occurs on the glass surface of a window, it is also possible to temporarily attach insulation film or single-heat air cap. If a range hood condensation occurs frequently, the problem may be caused by poor ventilation of exhaust pipe and insulation, but the reason may be that the oil stain on the retro-wind protection device failed to function properly due to the long-term use of the range hood and the cold air from outside entered the room. At this time, it is necessary to clean the headwind protector. But gyeollo is not resolved if the drain be how to how to look at the Kitchen Hood by the exhaust water vapour, and food that happen a lot to do.Hood continued even after the use of the range operation in pipes and water vapor exhaust that enough to drain into the habit are also needed. These tips should be given to the rental house.

It is also necessary to check whether the eaves and bottom of a house are blocked by foreign substances. This can cause problems as water is not drained on time, causing the stagnant water to freeze. Remove any icicles from the eaves or the eaves' homepages from time to time to prevent safety accidents. If the tail end of the drain pipe in the balcony or outdoor compartment is frozen (ice build up from the floor where it is drained to block the drain), it is often counterflowing to the lowest floor furniture, so the ice must be checked regularly to remove the ice from the drain area.

Lastly, it would be nice to have a snow shovel and deodorant in case it snows. There are cases of water cleaning the floor of the public entrance during the winter, and freezing of water may cause falls. In winter, you had better refrain from water-cleaning doors or stairs. The public entrance should always be informed of the slide accident.

Professional and technical content can be helpful if you contact the Korea Housing Environment Institute.

Kang Seok-joo, the head of Home-it-Technology Academy

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